Global trend towards sweet potato products:

The Sweet Potato is the 7th most important food crop worldwide the number of Sweet Potato in the USA increased 27% in 2016, near doubling from 2014, according to Innova Market insights, which tracks food introductions

Restaurants in the USA are jumping on the bandwagon too: Sweet Potatoes are now found on 28% of Restaurants’ menus, up 14% from four years ago, according to Datassential, a Chicago-based market research firm

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Sweet Potato | Straight Cut

These fries are ideal for those who enjoy a classic sweet fry experience. Made from real sweet potatoes, they are pre-cooked and frozen. Cut in 10x10 size and cooked with sunflower oil.

Sweet potato | Crinkle Cut

These sweet potato fries have a crinkled shape that adds a delightful crunch with every bite. Pre-cooked and frozen, they're ready whenever you're craving hits. Cooked with sunflower oil.